While filming for Archiculture, a documentary on the daily lives of five architecture students as they navigate their final thesis semester, architects-turned-filmmakers Ian Harris and David Krantz have met many creative and talented people—from architects to painters to fashion designers—living and working in New York City. The producers wanted to tell their stories, but not in the slow documentary process.

Harris and Krantz recently launched Cup O' Design, a series of podcast interviews, which shares the experiences, work, and achievements of the designers and artists they find most inspiring and interesting. To date, Harris chatted with with the creators of the architects' networking site Architizer; with Eliza Starbuck, the fashion designer of The Uniform Project; and with Mimi Zeiger, author and editor of Tiny Houses and the blog Loudpaper.

Cup O' Design podcasts are available for download or online listening at soundcloud.com/archiculture.