The firm formerly known as Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects (OSKA) will be changing its name come Jan. 1, 2010. (Read ra's September 2004 cover story on the firm.)

The Seattle-based firm, founded in the late 1960s, has undergone many changes in the past two years. Principals Alan Maskin, LEED AP, and Kirsten Murray, AIA, both became partners in 2008. Scott Allen, AIA, struck out on his own in March 2009 after 23 years with OSKA, establishing Scott Allen Architecture (read ra's article about his new endeavor here). Principal and partner Rick Sundberg, FAIA, LEED AP, while maintaining his role with the firm, also is embarking on the creation of a philanthropic architecture organization.

So it's not surprising that the firm's leadership should choose a new name that better reflects its continuing evolution and new vision going forward. Effective in the new year, the firm will be known as Olson Kundig Architects.