Restoration Hardware combined the antique look of Edison’s phonograph with the 21st-century quality of Jobs’ iPhone and iPad in a docking station that will blast your digital tracks—regardless of their era of origin—up to four times their regular volume level without using electricity or batteries. A 14-inch-wide, 13-inch-deep, and 25-inch-tall iron and brass horn designed to amplify the sound sits atop a 16 ¼-inch-by-9-inch walnut base that supports the horn and a connection for all iPhone and iPad models to transfer the sound through the horn rather than the phone or tablet’s speakers. The design is based on a 1920s Magnavox metal speaker found by San Francisco furniture designer Matt Richmond at an antique store, first sparking his interest in creating a phonograph-cum-MP3-speaker and enticing Restoration Hardware to pick up the elegant yet functional design for the masses. Restoration Hardware,; 800.910.9836.