Previously the site of two parking lots, the Miami Beach redevelopment project includes the New World Center, an innovative facility for music education and performance; Miami Beach SoundScape, a public park and event space; and a 556-space parking deck. The center’s east façade features a 7,000-square-foot projection wall that displays symphonic performances in the auditorium for audiences in the adjacent park.

Jury: “A small project with big impact, the building and its public park space … [are] an extremely vital and dynamic cultural space within the city. … The project makes good use of existing buildings and creates a strong connection back to the city.”

Client: “Miami Beach is very much about using art to define itself and is very eager to establish cultural turf. … So the redevelopment of these two surface parking lots was focused on the long-term benefit to Miami Beach citizens and to the commerce of this community. Based on the early returns, we think we got it right.” —Howard Herring, president and CEO, New World Symphony