Beginning Oct. 1, 2008, the AIA New York Chapter's Center for Architecture will host +Housing: 2008 AIA New York Designs for Living Exhibition, a showcase of eight innovative residential projects that incorporate significant public amenities.

The exhibit offers a focused look at the changing features of New York City, its predicted growth, the challenges it faces to find solutions that will meet public needs while improving the urban experience, and the role of new housing as part of the solution. +Housing is based on the premise that New York City's scarce open spaces and high land costs require developers to rethink the definition of a buildable site. The featured projects are examples of unlikely but successful real estate partnerships that map a new paradigm for urban development.

Featured projects are organized into three types: hybrid buildings, transformed blocks, and new neighborhoods. The building projects are:

Hybrid Buildings

  • Greenbelt, Brooklyn, N.Y., designed by Gregory Merryweather: Architect.

  • Young Israel Synagogue/225 East Broadway Condominiums, Manhattan, designed by Freyer Collaborative Architects. Transformed Blocks

  • Beekman Tower, Manhattan, designed by Gehry Partners.

  • Renaissance Complex/Abyssinian Baptist Church, Manhattan, designed by Harry Creighton Ingalls (original) and Davis Brody Bond (new tower).

  • Archstone Clinton, Manhattan, designed by FXFOWLE Architects. New Neighborhoods

  • The Seaport, Manhattan, designed by SHoP Architects.

  • Gowanus Green, Brooklyn, designed by Rogers Marvel Architects.

  • Anable Basin, Queens, N.Y., designed by Studio V Architecture. +Housing will remain at the Center for Architecture from Oct. 1 through Jan. 19, 2009. For more details on the exhibit and related events, visit the AIA New York Chapter's Center for Architecture Web site.