Sasaki Associates, based in Watertown, Mass., designed a plan that encompasses 15 square miles and is designed to foster a robust tourism-based economy along the Dead Sea. The plan seeks to balance development with conservation, intending to be both a source of pride and revenue for Jordan and to set high standard for sustainable development and urban design.

Jury: “[We] appreciated the project’s emphasis on the creation of a public waterfront, unusual in this region of resorts. The development of a planning strategy that is structured around the movement of water demonstrates an ecological sensitivity.”

Client: “The plan sets a feasible phased growth and enhances the site’s activity offerings, development potential, and tourism investment for years to come. It introduces development while preserving and enhancing the unique ecological and cultural qualities of the area. The plan identifies a realistic development scenario that responds to market constraints, accounts for resource limitations, and protects natural resources.” —Amal Zanoun, director of Projects & Infrastructure Department, Jordan Development Zones Co.