Arthur Giron

“There will be more senior housing communities integrated into the community rather than segregated. And older people with more leisure time will want condo packages where they can get up and go.” —John V. Mutlow, FAIA, John V. Mutlow Architects, Los Angeles

“As gasoline approaches $100 a gallon, people will finally realize that the suburban dream is quickly coming to an end. The next great wave of housing and house design will be in the repopulation of urban centers large and small. McMansions will bankrupt their owners, as no one will want to own one. As more and more Americans move into neighborhoods where they are able to walk as opposed to drive, their health will improve. Pollution from the use of fossil fuels will decrease accordingly. The only question is, ‘Why do we have to wait?'”

—Terence Riley, AIA, K/R, New York City

“We'll see a paradigm change in the way we design that balances exorbitant cost with something that's enriching and personalized. There will be more mass customization—building systems that are affordable but allow for uniqueness.”

—John Vetter, AIA, Vetter Denk Architects, Milwaukee

“We'll have to figure out how to provide affordable housing and how to make everything we do more ecologically sensitive—not just picking the right linoleum but [doing] buildings that speak to a pretty long legacy. And we'll restructure the paradigm of the single-family home. We can't keep gobbling up space and think that's OK.”

—Anne Fougeron, AIA, Fougeron Architecture, San Francisco