Take your original specs for the client’s closets and go ahead and double them. Bigger, even. And her office space is going to need to grow—she has more than 125 careers, after all. Ostensibly, Architect Barbie could design her own home, but today the AIA launched a contest for designers to create a new dream home for the woman who has everything. Designers, take note: Barbie requests a sleek office ready to accommodate her own clients and presentation technology, a kitchen fit for a serious hostess, and ample room for her pets—which include a giraffe. As Aaron Betsky observed back in March, Architect Barbie does not present herself as a radical designer: She carries blueprints, not a tablet computer, and wears a hard-hat. So the subdued design may be the one that registers best with Barbie’s adoring public, who will vote on the designs. The winner will be announced in August.