Santa Monica, Calif.–based Koning Eizenberg Architecture converted three industrial buildings into the new headquarters for the Children's Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to treating and preventing child abuse. The campus includes counseling services and a community center that offers a variety of art and after-school programs. The project prioritized community engagement.

Jury: “The spatial zone between the north portion of the project for families and preschool, and the southern portion dedicated to the community center, therapy, and education programs, is well considered, serving to open the building to natural light and interactive activities.”

Client: “People come in and it blows their mind that there is something that is this wonderful in the community. But while Koning Eizenberg made the space beautiful, they did not make it super fancy. So it never feels like going into a really fancy house where you can't sit on the furniture. It's clearly made to be used. It's beautiful, but also approachable.” —Nina Revoyr, executive vice president, Children’s Institute