A couple of years ago I wrote about the charming food blogweaetxdyvaydzcwq of architecture firm Front Studio. Known as LUNCH, the blog appears to be going strong. Today I stumbled across another architect's food blog, this one from the talented L.A. firm fleetwood/fernandez. It's called pan comido. Beautifully photographed (see above for an image the architects shot of some local chocolates by Compartes) and visually easy to read, as an architect's blog certainly should be, it sent me from hungry to starving. I'll definitely consult it the next time I'm in L.A.

Seeing pan comido reminded me of BUILD LLC's The Modern List. BUILD, a terrific Seattle design-build firm, writes a popular blog, Build Blog, which I would definitely recommend. But they've also got The Modern List, which is basically an online menu of links to restaurants, hotels, and cool things to do and see, all from the perspective of people who are into modern design. TML covers Manhattan, Portland (Ore.), Vancouver, San Francisco, and Seattle. If you're headed to any of these places and looking for suggestions, take a look.--m.d.