Massachusetts’ contribution to the national memory goes beyond witch trials, tea parties, and a house made from newspaper. Academic design hotbeds, ample modern architecture, and 4,300-plus listings in the National Register of Historic Places, to name a few, help the state come out on top for legacy. In its honor awards competition call for entries, the Boston Society of Architects is looking to curate the latest round of architectural innovation among its crop of talent in-state and around the world. Through Aug. 24, any structure or building worldwide designed by a Massachusetts architect or firm, or any project built in Massachusetts, may be submitted for judgment on the extent to which its design is informed by characteristics such as aesthetics, functionality, contextuality, sustainability, and social consciousness; that includes structures, singular or in groups, such as rehabs, interior architecture, and monuments.

Projects entered must have been completed after Jan. 1, 2005, and not have previously won in the category. Submissions can be the work of an AIA associate member or an unlicensed architecture grad as long as the project didn’t require a licensed architect’s approval. For more information, visit