If you're interested in plumbing architecture's role in achieving project business goals and benefiting communities, the recently launched aReturnOnDesign.com is devoted to the topic.

Created by architecture and interior design firm BLT Architects as an independent platform for debating and discussing architecture and design in a changing economy, aReturnOnDesign.com is open to all—architects, clients, bloggers, journalists, and any other interested party. The site seeks to develop an online community in which members interact on several discussion topics. Currently, the site features:

  • "Rate the Return," where proposed designs for new developments and photos of newly open buildings are posted for community members to weigh in on whether the design supports the project's goals;
  • "Return on Design Hall of Fame," where the best projects are highlighted in honor of their contributions to architecture and their return to the community, client, and design world. Members may nominate buildings;
  • "Return on Design Architect Matcher," a quiz to help clients determine what kind of architect—starchitect, team player, or order taker—will best help achieve their project goals. 

The site also features a blog and frequent industry polls, and is linked to a Twitter feed that provides updates on news and opinions on architecture, design, and real estate development. To join in the discussion, visit www.areturnondesign.com and register as a member.