• National Design Services Act Introduced in Congress to Assist with Architecture Student Loans

    The bi-partisan legislation, proposed by the AIA and the AIAS, would assist in debt repayment for emerging design professionals who do community service in underserved areas.

  • For the Latest in AEC Software, Check the Cloud

    Autodesk and Bentley Systems recently introduced several products and services accessible by nearly everyone, anywhere—if the price is right.

  • With Women in Mind: Tailoring the Customer Experience for Female Clients

    Communicating design ideas to female clients using the Woman-Centric Matters program to better understand what women want from their home remodel.

  • work on your welcome

    Do potential clients turn away before they reach your door?

  • architects talk back

    Readers react to November/December 2008 editorial, "What Plays in Peoria."

  • the question of style

    Matching up aesthetic ideals between client and architect has never been easier, thanks to Google. By checking out a firm's Web site, clients can tell at a glance whether they're on the same wavelength-and if not, no harm done. Homeowners have their pick of architects who are well-versed in their...

  • the pitfalls of selling process, continued

    Are you best friends with the people you work with? It can happen, and it can be just great.

  • numbers game

    Our generation has become very adept at quantifying things. We “crunch the numbers” with great efficiency. But I believe we have too often lost sight of the bigger picture in doing so, ending up with undesirable results. The design of our homes, and the construction of them as well, is falling...

  • this story isn't about you

    Surely, the experienced and talented architect would have no problem succeeding at this fairly basic assignment.

  • too many choices

    What was so good about the good old days? Maybe it was the simplicity that comes of having limited choices.

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