No matter how hard an architect is working, she still has to eat. The women of Front Studio—Yen Ha, LEED AP, and Michi Yanagishita—have taken that idea further than most, choosing to consciously enjoy their lunch breaks at various establishments near their downtown New York City offices. They track their lunching adventures on their appealing, well-organized blog, LUNCH.

"Originally we were just looking for something fun to do that would take our minds off of architecture for a moment," Ha explains. "It became a catalyst. Like most architects, we work until at least 7 o'clock at night, if not 8, and we start around 9 a.m. We work on a lot of competitions and speculative projects, and often lunch is our only opportunity to get out of the office and think creatively."

She and Yanagishita have been blogging about their midday repasts for a couple of years now, and they've amassed an impressive list of restaurant recommendations. If you're a New Yorker looking for a tasty meal, are planning on visiting the city soon, or are just hungry for an appetite-whetting break, check out LUNCH.