The American economy added 192,000 jobs in March, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) monthly employment report released Friday.

These initial March numbers show a slight decline from February, in fact. That's because the number of jobs added in February was revised upward from 175,000 to 197,000. While March shows a dip from February right now, these March numbers are bound to be revised next month—so it's too close to call at this point. (The BLS report has a margin of error of about 100,000.)

On Wednesday, payroll company ADP and Moody's Analytics reported that 191,000 jobs were added in March, nearly identical to the overall growth the BLS reported today. ADP and Moody's also revised up the number of jobs added in February to 178,000.

The construction industry overall added 19,000 jobs in March, a slight increase from February's growth of 18,000. (The figure was initially reported as 15,000.) The revised figure is still nowhere near the meteoric growth in January (revised up again to 51,000 jobs added.) Manufacturing lost 1,000 jobs, although February's growth was revised up substantially, from 6,000 to 19,000 jobs added. Architecture and engineering services added 5,100 jobs, more on track with January's revised job growth.

Within construction, 10,500 specialty trade contractor jobs were added, the biggest slice of the pie this month. Residential outpaced nonresidential in construction of buildings and in specialty trade contractors.

Construction of Buildings Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction Specialty Trade Construction

Charts: Maggie Goldstone; Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics