The AutoCAD WS Mobile App.
Autodesk The AutoCAD WS Mobile App.

AutoCAD users can now take their designs and DWG files wherever they go with the launch of AutoCAD WS. Using cloud computing, this free Web-based application allows architects and engineers to upload designs to an online workspace from their AutoCAD desktop software and access them through any Web browser or Apple's iOS mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch). Users can download a free desktop plug-in or the AutoCAD WS mobile app from the Apple iTunes store to get started. With the Web-based applications, design teams and their clients can view AutoCAD designs remotely and make simple modifications using familiar drawing and editing tools. The tool also allows multiple users to work on the same DWG file simultaneously, registers edits in real time so everyone sees the same version, and tracks changes for greater control over versioning and easier auditing. Changes are saved back to the online workspace. Google Maps integration lets AutoCAD WS users underlay CAD drawings with maps, as well.

The mobile app extends the usability of the online workspace to iOS devices; the Multi-Touch zoom and pan function eases navigation through large drawings, says Autodesk, the developer.

The desktop plug-in will be included in the Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2011 and also will be integrated into the AutoCAD for Mac software.