Several new contract templates—and one updated document—are now available through the American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Contract Documents software and AIA Documents-on-Demand service. Developed to address emerging trends in regional and urban planning, as well as mixed-use, multifamily, and single-family development, these new outlines clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in a project.

The document previously identified as B188 – 1996 has been updated as B107 – 2010, Standard Form of Agreement Between Developer-Builder and Architect for Prototype(s) for Single Family Residential Project. The contract now summarizes an agreement in which the architect provides permit set documents for a single-family residential project prototype to the developer-builder and supplies limited services in the construction phase. The developer-builder is responsible for construction and finishing details beyond the permit set and, under the agreement, is given a qualified right to reuse the permit set documents on subsequent projects.

New contract documents are:

  • B109 – 2010, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Multifamily Residential or Mixed Use Residential Project: provides terms and conditions for architectural services specific to this building type.
  • B509 – 2010, Guide for Supplementary Conditions to AIA Document B109 – 2010: discusses risks and responsibilities specific to condominium construction and provides model language to amend B109 when used for condominium projects.
  • B212 – 2010, Standard Form of Architect's Services: Regional or Urban Planning: defines the scope of the regional or urban planning services to be provided by the architect. This contract can be used with other AIA owner-architect agreements.

Nine other documents recently have been added to the AIA Documents-on-Demand service, as well. Visit the AIA Documents-on-Demand website to view the complete listing of contract documents available. AIA Contract Documents software is available for purchase at