The American Institute of Architects wants to help you negotiate your next green project with its new contract documents. Five new forms of agreement are being written specifically for projects that may encounter unusual situations not previously covered in standard contracts because of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable design elements, or unconventional financing. The AIA produced these forms after realizing its Guide for Sustainable Projects booklet, released earlier this year, was being used to help members create contracts for such specific projects. Using the Guide as a starting point, the AIA is revising existing documents and creating new ones to help members navigate the process of working with clients and contractors on green buildings.

In addition to agreements between architects and clients or contractors, the new forms also include contracts between owner and contractor, architect and consultant, and contractor and subcontractor. These sustainable contract documents will be available for sale in early 2012 to all members as well as non-member architects, contractors, developers, or attorneys as part of the AIA’s contract documents collection. In the interim, the Guide for Sustainable Projects can be downloaded for free and includes agreement amendments and supplementary conditions.