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Sustainable features permeate the Glidehouse, first built at Sunset Magazine’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters in spring 2004.

The Glidehouse adapts well to different sites and climates. The buyers of the original Menlo Park version had it shipped to Lake Chelan, Wash., where it now resides permanently.

Each modular home by Tanney and Luntz’s office represents an adaptation of their modular typologies. The Mountain Retreat is a cross between the Lifted Bar and Two- Story Bar, and the Retreat House is a customized blend of the Offset T, 3-Bar Bridge, and

Cranes place Resolution: 4’s second built modular house, in Annapolis, Md., onto its site.

In addition to its standard prototypes, the firm also designs custom modular buildings. A beach house in Manhattan Beach, Calif, contains decks and a floating roof for optimal views, while a hillside house in Marin County, Calif., squeezes three levels of

Among the several standard Glidehouse plans are the two-bedroom open with neighbors.

Among the several standard Glidehouse plans is the three-bedroom with view.

Among the several standard Glidehouse plans are the four-bedroom courtyard.

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