vision: customize modular typologies

The key to the firm’s modular program lies in its site specificity. The Hawk Ridge Residence will contain a customized central dining porch that opens up to the outdoors.

The next test for Resolution: 4 will be the completion of 20 or so prefab homes it’s now designing, including the House for Fire Island, whose modules will be delivered by barge.

Each modular home by Tanney and Luntz’s office represents an adaptation of their modular typologies. The Mountain Retreat is a cross between the Lifted Bar and Two- Story Bar, and the Retreat House is a customized blend of the Offset T, 3-Bar Bridge, and


Cranes place Resolution: 4’s second built modular house, in Annapolis, Md., onto its site.

The floor plan and window placement at this conventionally constructed house in Kent, N.Y., help bring in lake and forest views.

The firm’s modular typologies offer buyers a wide selection.

The Dwell Home, in Pittsboro, N.C., garnered a boatload of publicity both for Resolution: 4 and for prefab housing in general.

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