The New American Home 2012

The New American Home 2012 in Winter Park, Fla., earned a plethora of certifications, including NGBS-Emerald, LEED-Platinum, Energy Star, Indoor airPlus, and DOE Builders Challenge.

Mini-Split System The studio and workout room above it are served by the VRF mini-split system from LG, relieving the project team from having to accommodate long duct runs from the central system across the lanai and risk thermal loss. The sleek, ceiling-mounted register accommodates both supply and return air and connects to a small outdoor heat pump concealed by a return wall to deliver efficient, on-demand heating and cooling, pollutant filtration, and dehumidification for both rooms. 800.243.0000.

PV Array/TPO Roofing Thin-film flexible solar photovoltaic modules from United Solar Ovonic installed on the lower-south-facing roof will help offset about 20% of the home’s estimated annual energy costs. Weighing about one-fifth of conventional solar panels and delivering an efficient 68 watts of power per module, the peel-and-stick PVL-68 product adheres to the white reflective thermopolyolefin (TPO) roof membrane from GAF, eliminating penetrations through the roof finish and deck to maintain a dry, airtight assembly. United Solar Ovonic: 800.528.0617. GAF: 800.766.3411.

Central Vac The central vacuum system from NuTone enhances the home’s indoor air quality by removing allergens and dust with HEPA-rated filtration media and enough power to clean a home up to 6,000 square feet. An LED display indicates when to change the filter bag or debris basin and will shut down the unit automatically to avoid rupture. 888.336.3948. Electric Vehicle Charger The wall-mounted EV Charging Station from Eaton reportedly charges electric vehicles up to five times faster than the car’s cordset with 208/240-volt AC power and up to 30 amps. The unit can be hardwired or plugged in and extends only about 5 inches from the wall. Its stainless steel housing is indoor and outdoor rated. 855.386.3873. Solar Hot Water The Phoenix solar water heater from HTP connects with a sleek, flat-panel thermal collector on the upper roof to heat and store domestic hot water using a closed-loop system and a 119-gallon storage tank. Backed up by natural gas, as needed, the system also features a drain-back tank that maintains the system’s 96% thermal efficiency rating and water quality and protects the system from overheating. 800.323.9651.

Insulated Concrete Forms Used for the bulk of the first-floor structure, the Pro Platinum series of ICFs from LOGIX delivers R-27 thermal efficiency (about double the norm) and sound abatement qualities. Preassembled, the thicker and taller blocks install faster and require less support than other systems; a graphite additive enhances heat reflection and reduces conductivity. The TX line installed at grade delivers termite resistance. 888.415.6449.

Gallery Wall The first-floor structure, including the 16-foot-high gallery wall, in its finished state.

Solar-Ready Heat Pump The 5-ton, two-stage XP21 heat pump from Lennox Industries serves the entire home except for the studio and workout room with 16.7 SEER efficiency and low noise output. It also integrates a dedicated roof-mounted solar array that delivers electricity to the unit first, with the power grid for backup. When the unit’s not in use, that solar power feeds other appliances and electronics in the house, or earns energy credits from the utility. 800.953.6669.

Kitchen/Family Room An understated yet well-appointed kitchen and adjacent family room not only exemplify the home’s style, but also its efficiency. Sleek cabinet fronts conceal Energy Star–qualified appliances, while CFL and LED light fixtures were expertly matched for their color rendition and brightness to hide hot spots and save energy.

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