project: cottage industry

Bruce Tolar designed this welcoming 1,418-square-foot house, one of four under construction in Ocean Springs, Miss. It's part of a speculative cluster of 17 stick-built Katrina Cottages designed by Mississippi Renewal Forum architects.

Led by DPZ, the Cypress Cottage Partners' carpet cottages will permanently replace FEMA trailers on sites across Louisiana. The homes have not yet been prototyped or priced.

This two-bedroom, 544-square-foot house in Ocean Springs, with its airy kitchen, was the second house biult at Cottage Square--a showcase for the different versions of Katrina Cottages.

An early site plan for Cottage Square. Lowe's sponsored the construction, using it as a model to determine the materials needed to package the stick-built design. These homes are designed for those who own property; want an attractive, sturdy house; and are looking to downsize. For more information, go to

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