Product Finds from KBIS 2010

The Ava tub, which has a 35-inch door opening for easy access, drains up to 70 gallons of water in under 30 seconds, the manufacturer says. The door automatically raises up and down and features tempered, double-pane glass. The product also has grab bars and hydrotherapy options, including air bath. 800.877.2005. –V.M.

The Solon compost system provides homeowners with a place to store organic waste below the counter. Made of recycled stainless steel, the unit has a hygienic seal that contains odors, the maker claims. The product comes in a drop-in design or a flush option for stone tops. –V.M.

Customers can now build their own BlueStar range using the company's Build Your BlueStar Website tool. Users can pick from five sizes, four backguards (in most models), and all the manufacturer's colors. Burners can be mixed and matched with a griddle, French Top, or charbroiler. The firm claims orders ship within 6 to 8 weeks from date of order. 610.376.7479. –V.M.

A cabinet-integrated, eye-level wine storage unit, the HWS 1800 holds 18 bottles and has insulated glass doors, UV protection, and a charcoal filter to protect wine from odor. A touch control system allows users to adjust the temperature from 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The product also has dimmable LED lighting and solid beech wood shelves. 866.543.2437. –V.M.

The Sparkle LED stand-alone shower features 20 white LED lights embedded between two panels of glass. Part of the Elysium collection, it can mount from the wall at a maximum length of 59 inches. The lights tie to any regular 110 volt wall switch and have a 25-year life rating. 877.273.8816. –V.M.

Seven new WhisperCeiling and WhisperLite ventilation fans have been introduced. The ceiling-mounted models, designed for 4- or 6-inch ducts, feature a new central mounting system for more installation flexibility. The units are designed to maintain their performance and quiet operation at both 0.1- and 0.25-inch water gauge (WG). At that static pressure, the WhisperCeiling and WhisperLite fans offer sone levels as low as 0.3 at 0.25-inch WG, the lowest level recognized by the Home Ventilating Institute. The new WhisperLite models feature a contemporary flush-mount grille that incorporates a 32-watt Energy Star-rated CFL light fixture and a 4-watt night light. 866.292.7292. –L.H.

An expanded line of heat pump water heaters now includes a 40-gallon model designed for smaller households with a lower hot-water demand. The HP-40 hybrid meets Energy Star requirements and offers an energy factor of 2.0, more than twice the energy efficiency of a standard storage water heater, the maker says. The HP-40 measures 21 inches in diameter, but weighs 10 pounds lighter and is 10 inches shorter than the original 50-gallon model, with an overall height of 65 1/2 inches. Three modes of operation include heat pump only, heat pump/electric elements, and electric heat only, to meet various hot water needs. –L.H.

The new collection of wall-mounted vanities can include a night light to provide illumination in a dark bathroom, electric outlets integrated inside the vanity drawer, a hair dryer holster, and an insert drawer for organizing small items. Slim- and deep-drawer options are available in the following sizes: 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches. 800.877.2376. –V.M.

Ideal for outdoor accents, display lighting, and even in and around water features, InvisiLED Classic LED tape lights are now available in a 24-volt outdoor system. The flexible, easy-to-install accent lighting can be used in countless outdoor applications including decks, steps, ponds, fountains, pools, and as architectural accents. The fixtures are IP-68 rated for submersion in water up to 5 feet in depth, and UL and CUL listed for wet locations. The tape light measures only 1/8 inch thick and 1/2 inch wide making it easy to conceal in designs. The LEDs offer up to 50,000 hours of life. InvisiLED strips come in 1-, 5-, or 10-foot sections that are field-cuttable. 800.526.2585. –L.H.

In addition to carbon filtration, the Zuvo Water Filtration System treats tap water with both ozone and ultraviolet light to reduce contaminants. A five-step filtering process reduces potentially harmful, unhealthy contaminants and microorganisms while retaining beneficial trace mineral content, such as fluoride and calcuim. Two models are available and can filter 1,000 or 500 gallons of water before the activated carbon portion of the system needs to be replaced. For the 1,000 gallon model, this amounts to changing the filter about once a year. The UV lamp is expected to last 5 to 7 years, according to the maker. A range of compatible faucets is available. 866.686.8142. –L.H.

The company that brought you the dishwasher in a drawer has unveiled a unit specifically for the U.S. market, which tends to like more space. Part of the new Modular Kitchen, the dishwasher measures 36 inches wide (as opposed to 24 inches) to allow for a flexible arrangement with cabinets and other appliances in the line. 888.936.7872. –N.M.

Affordable luxury is the company's focus, and the new Corsair pull-out kitchen faucet fits right into that message. Danze describes the design as "feminine." The faucet showcases three functions for stream, spray, and pause, and offers an ergonomically designed handle. It comes in chrome and stainless steel finishes. 877.530.3344. –N.M.

The latest European import is the Wolo (pronounced Vo-Lo) collection of bath faucets from Italy. Inspired by aircraft design, the unit has a sleek shape that suggests an object poised for flight or already in motion, and a simple body and lever. The faucet is available in a variety of styles and comes in chrome, satin gold, white with chrome, and black with chrome. 877.523.5529. –N.M.

PuraVida is a new line of modern bathroom faucets and fixtures. Born of a range of design inspiration, including the iPod, the line has a design that is at once soft and modern, with a flat, tapered edge. A variety of pieces are available, including the 15-by-10-inch 400 showerhead (shown), which has a flat and rounded-rectangular shape. It comes in chrome or with a dual white and chrome finish. 800.334.0455. –N.M.

Do you have a need for Euro hardware? Check out the manufacturer's new Italian Design Collection of 11 pulls. Ranging in price from $10 and measuring from 4 inches to 9½ inches, the line includes square, rectangular, and wave shapes, and thin profiles. Pieces are available in satin nickel, polished chrome, and polished satin nickel. 201.794.7900. –N.M.

One of Great Britain's premiere hardware brands is raising its profile in the U.S. market with a broad introduction of new products, including The Leather Composite series. Pieces appear to be handstitched leather, but are in fact a faux look that results from a casting of composite resin and dyed marble. Mocha or espresso finishes are available, but custom orders are availabe. –N.M.

Dual-flush is fine, but if you want to show you're really serious about saving water, check out the new ultra-high-efficiency toilet that has only one flushing mode: 0.8 gallons of water per flush at all times. The WaterSense-labeled unit uses a technology that compresses the water in the bowl rather than the tank for an effective flush every time, the company says. 800.831.8383. –N.M.

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