Meghan Drueding's Favorite Design Objects

I’m generally not much of a car person, but the Mini Cooper is different. Like the original VW Beetle, it seems to have a personality of its own. In addition to its sheer cuteness, it’s a blast to drive. The Mini provides a shining example of the way good design can greatly enhance an everyday experience.

If my Muji hat were a house, it would be a William Wurster house. It is completely plain and doesn’t make a statement; it just does what it’s supposed to do. These qualities sound so simple, but they’re actually very hard to find. Muji is my favorite place for regular objects that are pared down to their essence: storage baskets, pens, stationery, socks. (The photo shown is a Muji store in New York City.)

The San Pellegrino Aranciata can is so enticing, it would compel me to drink this fizzy orange stuff even if it weren’t delicious. (It is, though.) The colors pop, the typography is gorgeous, and the image of a freshly picked orange conjures up the feeling of a tropical vacation.

Of all the iconic chairs out there, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg is my personal favorite. To me it seems to invite settling in for hours in front of a fireplace (which is why I chose this particular image). It still looks just as fresh as when Jacobsen designed it in 1958.

This is another case of a common object elevated to well-deserved cult status by great design. Moleskine notebooks’ pages are just the right thickness to feel substantial but not wasteful, and somehow it feels physically good to write on them. The elastic band and cover pockets on mine help me keep track of other papers, and the built-in black ribbon bookmark ensures I don’t lose my place. The Moleskine is the perfect notebook!

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