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TRENWYTH INDUSTRIES. This company’s Astra-Glaze-SW+ is a pre-faced architectural concrete masonry block that has a thermoset glazing compound permanently molded to one or more faces. Manufacturing materials include up to 38% pre-consumer recycled slag from steel-making. The easy-to-clean impervious glazing is resistant to graffiti, staining, abrasion, impact, and chemicals, and it contains an integral water- and mold-repellent admixture, making the block ideal for high moisture or sanitary environments. Lightweight or medium-weight block is available for both interior and exterior load-bearing or nonload-bearing use. 800.233.1924.


CALSTAR. This company’s masonry pavers contain 40% post-industrial recycled content, including fly ash recovered from coal-fired power plants. The pavers, available in Holland and water-permeable styles, are made in a low-heat, high-humidity process that results in an 85% lower carbon footprint and eliminates the Portland cement used in standard concrete pavers. According to the manufacturer, a 1,000-square-foot patio of CalStar pavers diverts 5 tons of waste by-product from landfills, eliminates 3,420 pounds of CO2 emissions, and saves 2.25 million BTUs of energy. The sustainable pavers meet ASTM standards and contribute to multiple LEED credits. 877.700.9501.

CLAY MINE ADOBE. This company manufactures bio-based, sustainably sourced adobe block using a Portland cement stabilizer and traditional admixtures that include wheat straw and coarse aggregates. To prevent block erosion, clay plaster stucco up to 4 inches thick is typically applied, but the low-maintenance block requires no sealing and retains the authentic look of unstabilized adobe. Block is available in standard as well as custom sizes and natural custom colors. Cement-stabilized and unstabilized clay plaster in a variety of earth tones is also available. The Tucson-based company ships the materials throughout the Southwest. 520.578.2222.

E-CRETE. This company’s autoclaved aerated concrete block is a solid, high-performance masonry unit made with a low-energy process that emits no pollutants and creates no by-products or toxic waste products, according to the manufacturer. The finished block is resource-efficient, measuring twice the volume of the raw materials used, and its light weight can help reduce seismic mass and dead load design requirements. AAC block meets ASTM specifications for load-bearing compression, fire resistance, sound transmission, and more, and can contribute to LEED design. 866.508.5803.

GREEN LEAF BRICK. This company’s building brick and brick pavers are made from 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled content sourced from suppliers that use only approved environmental processes, including scrubbing, in their waste streams. Recycled materials include glass and ceramics, iron oxides, industrial mining and steel-making slag, and incinerated sewage ash. All materials are acquired from suppliers within 500 miles of manufacturing plant locations. 704.307.0930.

BORAL. This company’s Country Ledgestone cultured stone veneer is the first NAHB Green Approved stone product and the industry’s only Greenguard Children & Schools-certified masonry veneer, according to the manufacturer. Made with 54% pre-consumer recycled content, it can help contribute to LEED requirements, and its durability is covered by a 50-year limited warranty. This product was also ranked No. 1 by Builder magazine for usage, quality, and brand recognition. 866.557.8663.

OMNI BLOCK. This product is a concrete masonry unit designed to accommodate specially shaped insulating inserts of expanded polystyrene. As a result, the block can be used to create structural, stand-alone exterior walls that require no additional insulation, interior furring, or drywall framing. The block is manufactured in a low-embodied energy process using locally quarried raw materials, and the EPS inserts are made of nontoxic, chemically stable, CFC- and VOC-free recycled refinery waste. All block and insert materials are also 100% recyclable with zero formaldehyde content. Omni Block qualifies for LEED credits. 877.711.6664.

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