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Cyber-Rain. Using the Internet, the Cyber-Rain XCI controller adjusts irrigation times and schedules based on the weather, thereby providing for up to 40% savings on water bills, the company says. No day-to-day interaction or fees are required, and schedules can be updated via the Internet. In addition to PC control, XCI Cloud is now available, which allows the system to operate without an on-site computer and offers full feature access via the Internet as well as an iPhone app. 877.888.1452.

HydroPoint Data Systems. Using data from NOAA satellites and other sources, the WeatherTrak ET Plus irrigation controller adjusts irrigation output as the weather changes, ensuring watering only takes place when needed and eliminating overwatering. The controller also can be set for specific plant types, soil, slope, and sprinkler type to help quickly optimize watering schedules. 800.362.8774.

Aquascape. The RainXchange system combines sub-surface rainwater collection with an above-ground recirculating water feature. Rainwater from the gutters collects in an underground rain filter and is then sent to a modular storage basin; water is pumped to either the irrigation hose or recirculates through the above-ground decorative water feature and biological filter and back into the storage basin. An overflow tank allows excess rainwater to infiltrate the soil and aquifer.

Rainwater Pillow. The Original Rainwater Pillow rainwater catchment system installs in a crawl space or under a porch or deck and features 3-inch pipes for collecting rain in heavy downpours with little waste. The unit features two overflow outlets and a leaf/debris filter. A 25-psi pump provides a 10- to 12-gpm pumping rate, the equivalent of most outdoor hoses, and the Rainwater Pillow can be connected to sprinkler and drip-irrigation systems. 770.853.9918.

ITT Corp. The solar-powered RainPerfect pump for rain barrels provides pressure for a garden hose or low-pressure sprinklers without the need for an electrical hookup. The solar-rechargeable battery operates day or night and pumps up to 100 gallons on a single charge. The unit installs on or is adaptable to most styles of rain barrels. 914.641.2000.

Rain Technologies. The site-assembled RainSpace sub-surface water storage chamber is shipped in pre-packaged kits that include a liner, protective geotextile, core element bundles, sealing kit, pump well, inlet well, overflow well, fire water extraction well, clamps, and fittings. According to the firm, the core structure of the vessels are designed for durability: They are tubular and porous to provide structure and void space; they feature curved surfaces with concentric grooves and circular passages to maximize hydraulic flow and add strength to surface and earth loads; surface and earth loads are supported by and spread over the vessels horizontal core bundles; and structural bundles and the interior lining stretch during an earthquake. The chamber can be designed to fit any size or shape, including curves and irregular or unlevel sites. 866.724.6356.

Hunter Industries. With a multi-trajectory rotating system, the MP Rotator sprinkler delivers revolving streams of water more slowly and uniformly, the company says, which allows water to soak into the landscape rather than running off; water usage is reduced by up to one-third versus conventional sprays. The device also provides better wind resistance and less misting. The MP Rotator can be used for new installations or retrofit onto existing systems. Water arc and radius can be adjusted without changing the nozzle. 760.744.5240.

Rainwater Hog. These 51-gallon modular rainwater collection units can be used individually or ganged together in horizontal or vertical applications. The tanks narrow width permits installation on small walkways, against walls, or under a deck, while their modularity allows for gradual unit expansion and use in multiple locations. 888.700.1096.

Netafim. The Techline EZ 12-millimeter dripperline installs above ground using a simple looped system and is hidden under mulch or ground cover. Self-flushing drippers are spaced every 6, 12, or 18 inches for a variety of plant and soil configurations. The dripperline, which is made with recycled polyethylene, features pressure compensation to ensure delivery of equal amounts of water and anti-siphon emitters with root barriers. 888.638.2346.


Rainbird. The company now offers its weather-sensing technology in a simple-to-set SST model, featuring a user-friendly interface. The device tailors zone-by-zone watering schedules to the landscape and adjusts watering for changing weather conditions. A sensor communicates temperature and rainfall amounts; the SST also makes adjustments all year long based on the homes geographic area. 800.724.6247.

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