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in vitra veritas When it comes to sinks, Jacobsen opts for Vitraform glass products from Cherry Creek Enterprises. "Light dances around this beautiful object," he says. "It is always the little surprise in the houses we use it in and when lit well from above, it is delightful and powerful." Cherry Creek Enterprises, 888.338.5725; www.vitraform.com.

reign of tara Dornbracht's Tara Classic is a perennial favorite among architects—Jacobsen included. "A simple and elegant design, nothing superfluous," he says. It has ceramic disk cartridges and is constructed from solid brass. "Pure shapes and simple geometry blend with high-quality construction." Dornbracht Americas, 800.774.1181; www.dornbracht.com.

plug away "If there was ever a celebration of nothingness, the [22 Series] is it," Jacobsen says. Designed by architect Omer Arbel, the wall outlet muds into drywall or any wall surface without a visible face plate. It "takes a step further in the visual reduction of extra parts," Jacobsen adds. Bocci, 604.639.5185; www.bocci.ca.

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