Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Orange Crush Simply moving the kitchen from the rear of the house to the center grounded the entire home. The orange countertop, now adjacent to the lightwell created by the linear staircase below the skylight, has become a beacon, warmly welcoming all who enter.


Door to Door One of the oddest challenges Bloomberg faced was something as simple as the bathroom door next to a closet in the master bedroom on the second level. “I was really baffled that, by necessity, we had two doors next to each other,” she says, adding “I was really annoyed by it.” Her solution was to treat the wall as a row of doors, with the bathroom entry essentially hidden behind “door number three.” The doors, from Italian manufacturer Abet Laminati, have formaldehyde-free MDF cores with a textured laminate finish, and the Soss hinges pivot in place rather than swing out. A Doug Mockett & Co. edge-pull completes the look.

Know When to Fold ’Em Rather than the standard sliding glass door or French doors to exit onto the small rear patio, Bloomberg chose a set of folding doors from NanaWall. “The details and the way it operates are impeccable,” she says. Bloomberg wanted to create a seamless connection to the outdoor area. “There’s no division between the outside and inside, so when you open those doors you feel like you’re in a much larger space,” she says.

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