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Bord na Mona. The Puraflo Wastewater Treatment System is a natural system that can be used for both on-site greywater and blackwater recycling. Filtered wastewater from a standard septic system is collected and then time dosed (pumped slowly) to percolate through a peat filter media; the treated effluent emerges as a clear innocuous liquid, according to the company. The treated water can be used to irrigate lawns, ornamental trees, and shrubs. Other advantages of this system come with leach field preservation and a reduced need for leach field area, allowing the construction of a septic system in challenging locations, such as too small a lot for the house size, poor percolating soils, or close to lakes and streams. 800.787.2356.

Pontos. The AquaCycle provides a four-phase water treatment with UV light disinfection. The recycled water conforms to European Directive 76/160EWG for Recreational Water. Unfortunately, this most advanced of greywater systems, built in Germany by Masco subsidiary Hansgrohe, will not be available in the U.S. Citing an uncertain regulatory landscape, along with the absence of a proven nationally recognized performance standard related to on-site greywater, the company announced March 1 that plans to bring the Pontos AquaCycle technology to North America have been put on “indefinite hiatus.” 678.762.6942.

Sloan. The Aqus point-of-use greywater system collects water from bathroom sinks and reuses it for toilet flushing. The drainage water is routed through a sanitizing and filtration system, and then collects in a storage reservoir under the sink; upon flushing, the water is pumped to the flush tank. According to the company, the system can reduce metered water usage in a two-person household by about 10 to 20 gallons a dayor approximately 5,000 gallons a year. 800.982.5839.

Nubian Water Systems. The company manufactures and installs high-end greywater treatment systems for single-family, multifamily, and commercial applications. Its residential system, the Nubian GT600, meets requirements for indoor reuse (where allowed) and for above-ground sprinklers. A four-stage treatment process, including coarse-through-fine filtration, adsorption media, biological treatment, and UV-light disinfection completes the treatment process before the treated water is stored for recycling. Nubian is headquartered in Australia and provides service in the western United States.

Water Legacy. Designed to service the typical four- to six-person household, the WL-55, installed at the Edge House in Boulder, Colo., is a mid-range, three-stage treatment process that includes coarse-to-fine filtration, hydrogen peroxide, and UV-light disinfection. The WL-55 is fully automatic and requires no operator intervention. Its filter requires maintenance only once a year. 303.587.9147.

Clivus Multrum. The Clivus greywater system includes a greywater dosing basin as the collection point for all of a homes greywater. Made of rigid plastic, it contains level switches and an effluent pump or gravity siphon (where sufficient slope is available). When an amount of greywater sufficient to create a 1 1/2-inch flooding dose within the irrigation chamber has collected in the dosing basin, the pump (or gravity siphon) engages. Because the irrigation chamber is flooded throughout its length, water and nutrients are carried evenly to surrounding plants. 800.425.4887.

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