Gray Organschi Architecture Slideshow

The Hillside House by Gray Organschi is built on a forested slope.

A view to the outdoors from the Hillside House.

The Hillside House's post-and-beam wings sit against stone retaining walls, minimizing the visual and site impact.

A play on traditional New England sheds, the Guilford Cottage typifies Gray Organschi’s talent for turning site constraints into a cool architectural idea.

The simple barn forms of the Depot House sit on top of the former train depot’s rubble and cinderblock foundation.

The architects orchestrated all the material handling for the Depot House, from the prepainted wood siding to the fabricated stairs.

Curving birch plywood planes respond to the acoustical and spatial challenges of Firehouse 12, which houses an apartment, music studio, and performance space.

Exposed brick is featured throughout the residential area of the Firehouse 12 project.

Roofed poolside sofas transform into off-season lanterns. To save time and avoid disturbing the site, the lanterns were prefabricated in Gray Organschi’s workshop and delivered flat-packed.

The lanterns are simple sculptural volumes that change in form and function from season to season. The screens are made of latticed white cedar and translucent polycarbonate.

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