Examples of Ray Kappe's Residential Design Work

Ray Kappe, FAIA

A stream runs through it: Ray Kappe’s 1968 house in Pacific Palisades tiptoes over its toppling topography and spilling stream.

Large expanses of glass and natural wood finishes emphasize the building's relationship to the site.

The 4,000-square-foot house rests on a mere 600 square feet of concrete towers (six of them) spanned by laminate beams.

After Berkeley, Kappe worked for Eichler architects Anshen Allen. His early solo work included open-plan patio houses, such as the 1959 Hayes house in Sherman Oaks.

Kappe’s tower system freed walls from load-bearing duties, opening the 1976 Sultan/Price residence to expanses of glass.

The 1986 Keeler house scrambles up its precipitous and narrow site on a series of concrete towers and columns until it reaches its goal: a straightshot view to the Pacific Ocean.

The Benton house, a multi-year work in progress, stretches its dramatic wings on a skeleton of laminated beams. Kappe designed the house in association with son Ron.

Grabbing height with a wave-like roof, Kappe created two levels for the 1998 Culbert house that open fully to the ocean view.

The Malibu house preserved an existing piling-supported floor.

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