Chelsea Modern, New York

Chelsea Modern speaks to the West Chelsea district’s physical and cultural transition, a former industrial area now containing a mix of galleries, museums, and commercial and residential buildings.

The infill building’s blue color and fluid, reflective face suggests the movement from urban environment to the nearby river and High Line parks.

The rippling facade is meant to be experienced as you walk by it.

Windows project straight out from the building face to optimize natural ventilation.

Matlock’s pedestrian-friendly solution to the residential-only requirement was to create street-level duplexes that incorporate studio and exhibition space, establishing a synergy with the surrounding artistic environment.

Street-level units are sheathed with translucent glass channels, and a glass sidewalk transmits natural light into the lower-level studio spaces while engaging passersby.

Interiors are light and airy.

Open-tread stairs funnel light between floors.

Ground-floor units.

Floors 9 through 12.

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