7 Wind Turbines

Cascade Engineering. The rooftop-mountable Swift turbine is designed for urban and suburban homes, starting up in 8-mph winds. It can produce 1,900 kWh per year at a 13.4-mph average wind speed, says the firm, and is never louder than 35 decibels, equivalent to a whisper. The turbine measures 7 feet in diameter. 866.544.5520. www.swiftwindturbine.com.

Delta. The 400-watt HAWT generates 50 kWhs per month at 13.4 mph. The rotor, which starts up in 8-mph winds, measures 49.6 inches in diameter. An electronic torque control protects the turbine from blade damage in high winds, says the manufacturer. The firm also makes a 1.0-kW model. 888.979.9889. www.delta-corp.com/windenergy.

Endurance Wind Power. S series 5-kW-rated turbines can generate up to 25,000 kWh per year in peak conditions, says the maker. The remote-controlled turbines are available with 90-foot monopoles or 120-foot guyed poles, and can be tilted down for maintenance. The blades are 10 feet long. 888.440.4451. www.endurancewindpower.com.

Southwest Windpower. With a rated capacity of 2.4 kW, the Skystream 3.7 pays for itself in five years, says the manufacturer. The controls and inverter are built into the turbine, and poles of varying heights are available. The turbine, which starts up in 8-mph winds, is designed specifically for grid-connected homes. 866.805.9463. www.skystreamenergy.com.

Urban Green Energy. The Eddy GT 1-kW-rated vertical-axis turbine fits on a pole or a rooftop and starts up in winds blowing less than 7 mph. The model can tie into the utility grid, can be assembled in less than an hour, and operates quietly, the manufacturer says. It measures about 9 feet high and 6 feet wide. 917.512.9777. www.urbangreenenergy.com.

Windspire. Mounted on a 30-foot monopole of recycled high-grade steel, Windspire’s standard turbine produces 2,000 kWh per year in 24-mph winds. The vertical-axis turbine requires a minimum wind speed of 8.5 mph to operate and is designed to work quietly.  775.852.0200. www.windspireenergy.com.

WindTronics. Uniquely designed to generate wind from the blade tips, the Honeywell turbine has no gears and can produce about 18% of the average household’s energy in Class 4 wind conditions, says the manufacturer. The turbine starts up at 2 mph and will turn to face the wind, producing an average of 1,500 kWh per year depending on location and wind conditions, the firm says. Six feet in diameter, the turbine can be mounted on a flat roof, a pitched roof, or a pole. 877.946.3898. www.windtronics.com.

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