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Trial and Error

How do firms incorporate research into design practices? More

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Miller Ranch Porch House, Vanderpool, Texas

Lake|Flato Architects creates a modular house that relates to its site. More

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Lake|Flato introduces its prefab Porch House

Lake|Flato's new Porch House connects to the outdoors. More

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ra50: Ehrlich Architects

Innovative design and a commitment to sustainability mark Ehrlich Architects' work. More

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ra50: Lake|Flato Architects

In Texas and beyond, Lake|Flato makes architecture that resonates with the landscape. More

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How Architects and Their Clients Deal with Obstructionist Neighbors

While not everyone shares the same aesthetic, there are strategic, peaceful ways to handle design differences among neighbors. More

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desert variations

World-class paintings and sculptures possess a constant ability to surprise. The... More

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breaking away

Many architecture firms find subtle, creative ways to inject energy into their off-site meetings. More

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lake austin residence, austin, texas

Lake/Flato Architects knows something about making an entrance. The sequence of steps leading to the front door of RA's Project of the Year, a custom house by the firm in Austin, Texas, rivals any Broadway choreography. More

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