Sim Van der Ryn

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2005 leadership awards

As we, the editors of residential architect, selected this year's Leadership Award winners, we sensed a deeper undercurrent of importance to this mission. That change in the air we all feel signifies a moment in time when architects finally have the ear of the American public once again. They are listening, they are learning, and they are hungry for answers to their questions. More

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in plain sight

The trouble with being a visionary is sometimes you have to wait 30 years for the rest of the world to catch up to you. More

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Hall of Fame: Sim Van der Ryn

Decades after the first Earth Day thrust the environment into our nation's collective consciousness, the green building movement has just begun to gel. Although sustainable design is still a hard sell—and represents just a sliver of the housing market—it has come a long way since its origins in the back-to-nature movement of the 1960s. More

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