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For years the unwillingness of the production housing industry to consider Modern design has irked Rodney Friedman, FAIA. He founded his San Francisco Bay area firm, Fisher Friedman Associates, in the 1960s, the heyday of popular Modernism. But since then, Bauhaus-influenced design has been reserved mostly for public buildings and custom homes, while spec homes have veered in a decidedly traditional direction. More

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At the 2002 Pacific Coast Builders' Conference (PCBC) Gold Nugget awards, a very happy 69-year-old architect kept trotting up to the stage to pick up one Lucite-encased hunk of "gold" after another. More

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where will the loft-lovers live?

"Name one new modern subdivision. I'll bet you can't." That was the challenge from our cover guy, Rodney Friedman, FAIA, a former leader among cutting-edge merchant-housing designers. More

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