Kevin deFreitas

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the sliding scale

Smaller projects mean more client interviews, thinner profit margins, and more jobs starting and stopping. More

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row homes on f, san diego, calif.

Architect Kevin DeFreitas wanted to avoid a condo project in downtown San Diego, fraught with lawsuits brought by homeowner associations, yet maximize the number of dwellings on this pricey piece of land. More

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More Architects Are Working From Home to Save Money

If you've considered abandoning your commercial digs for the comfort and low... More

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riding out the slowdown

From his temporary location in Cambridge, Mass., where he is attending Harvard University on a Loeb Fellowship, veteran architect/developer Kevin Cavenaugh bemoans the housing market's troubles. More

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primary residence

Five firms foray into residential development in five different ways. They share the bumps and boons along the road. More

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shop talk

In bizarro world, all of your clients are surgeons, hedge fund managers, or high-net-worth individuals with the resources to afford anything they want. If they want custom hardware from The Nanz Co., they can have it. Salvaged vintage stone tile from Pari More

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tangentially speaking

Kevin Defreitas Architects, AIA: Tangent lever designed by architect Robert Watson for Lockwood. More

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inside sliders

Kevin Defreitas Architects, AIA: Aluminum doors from The Sliding Door Co. Moreweaetxdyvaydzcwq

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character studies

Kevin Defreitas Architects, AIA: Ribbon font from Gemini Signs. More

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