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el dorado verbatim

additional thoughts from el dorado's principals. More

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thinking & making

It's not easy for an outsider to catch the folks at el dorado in an entirely serious moment. The Kansas City, Mo., firm's five partners recently used the 1980s hair band Def Leppard as a reference point in an architectural lecture. The group's offbeat, deadpan sense of humor harmonizes with their pronounced aversion to the idea of the heroic, Howard Roark-style architect. More

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el dorado

When Kansas City, Mo.-based el dorado decided to design a new office, it didn't want to lose the industrial character of its previous digs. More

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El Dorado: Polygal polycarbonate for interior doors and exterior glazing. More

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profilit center

El Dorado: The Pilkington Profilit glazing system. More

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