Hugh Newell Jacobsen

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Jacobsen Architecture Furniture Collection

ARCHER and Jacobsen Architecture collaborate on a new line of furniture. More

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ra50: Jacobsen Architecture

Hugh Newell Jacobsen's work continues to challenge. More

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ra50: Looney Ricks Kiss

Looney Ricks Kiss offers diversity in its project types. More

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jacobsen architecture

"Enduring design is the result of products that last because they fulfill their purpose, do not intrude beyond their function, and are not superfluous beyond their nature." More

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going globalweaetxdyvaydzcwq

Doing architecture abroad raises many issues, though, only one of which is the spoken language. Will the architectural terms translate? How about the building technology? Local builders often use a completely different set of materials and construction techniques, and you don't want them learning something new on your project. For that matter, where will you find a reputable contractor? And how do you safeguard the design when you're 4,000 miles from a construction site? Most important, how will you arrive at a fee that covers all the logistical uncertainties of working in a different culture? More

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