Heather McKinney

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ra50: McKinney York Architects

McKinney York’s work embraces both clients and the community. More

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reaching out

Good professional advice is often elusive. It might come from a trusted mentor, a members-only round table, or an informal group of savvy peers, but you have to make the effort to go out and find it. More

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mckinney york architects

Austin, Texas-based McKinney York Architects often weaves sustainable design ideas into its work. So when the 14-person firm moved into a building in the East Austin neighborhood last year, it worked hard to make the cost-conscious renovation as green as More

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light duty

Architect Heather McKinney enhances the limited amount of natural light in her kitchen by using aluminum-framed frosted glass doors, clear glass shelves and artificial lighting. More

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blue heaven

Some architects approach sustainability from an energy-efficiency point of view, making houses that require as little power as possible. Others concentrate on materials, trying to source as many green elements as they can. More

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Perhaps no other house type has inspired as much love and loathing as the ranch.... More

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