Already offering more than 3,000 shades, Benjamin Moore says its new 240-strong Color Stories collection not only increases your clients' options but also introduces a whole new concept in paint science by doubling the number of pigments in each formula to create full spectrum hues.

Benjamin Moore says it's re-created the can with its new Color Stories paint line. The collection's nine palettes contain 240 hues of what the company calls full-spectrum colors, which are achieved by combining five to seven pigments rather than the usual three and omitting black and gray tints as filler. The company claims the paint is richer and the colors have more depth. Plus, the pigments being blended to create these nuanced hues have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Because the company makes its own colorants it can ensure that when pigments are mixed into its low-VOC paint brand, Aura, the total VOCs remain under 50 grams per liter.

The overtones generated from careful blending of pure pigments will be readily apparent to builders, architects, designers, and homeowners. Natural versus artificial lighting will affect dynamic changes in the paint's characteristics throughout the day. "With Color Stories there's a complexity to the color experience that is amazing," states Ray Gomez, Benjamin Moore's director of color marketing, in a release about the new line. The palettes assembled to debut this new paint mixology include an array of nature-inspired shades with individual colors ranging from a muted gray called sea salt to the vivid purple of elderberry wine. Each palette evokes a different place or mood to give the collection a personal feel—earthen hues, elemental greens, fiery sunset, fluid blues, golden fields, naturally neutral, shades of gray, and violet twilight.

<div class="articlephotocaption" xmlns="">A shade from the Elemental Greens Palette in Benjamin Moore's Color Series collection.</div>

A shade from the Elemental Greens Palette in Benjamin Moore's Color Series collection.