Studio 804

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Spec Writing in the Digital Age

The search for the perfect products has gone global--and local. More

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2011 Evergreen Awards Greenhouse Winner

Sustainable Residence in Kansas City, Kan., by Studio 804. More

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Modular 4, Sustainable Residence, and Prescott Passive House, Kansas City, Kan.

A university design/build program explores new territory in single-family housing. More

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ra50: Rockhill and Associates

Rockhill and Associates blends the modern with the agrarian. More

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modular 3, kansas city, kan.

This modular residence by Studio 804, architect Dan Rockhill's student design/build program at the University of Kansas, barely touches the ground. More

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2006 leadership awards top firm dan rockhill

dan rockhill and his students aren't afraid to dirty their hands building their... More

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modular 1 and modular 2, kansas city, kan.

The prefabricated nature of Modular 1 and Modular 2, which share residential architect's 2006 Project of the Year award, intrigued the judging panel. More

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Urban residence, Lawrence, Kan.

Looks like a bunch of friends got together and put something really unique together, the judges said. "It's a slam dunk." More

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