Looney Ricks Kiss Architects

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j. carson looney, faia j. carson looney, faia

Memphis, Tenn.-based Looney Ricks Kiss (LRK) is an award-winning 25-year-old firm that had only reduced staff once prior to 2008. More

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bougainvillea courtyard homes, vero beach, fla. bougainvillea courtyard homes, vero beach, fla.

These four Spanish colonial homes differ dramatically from their 1970s-style ranch neighbors, but thanks to careful planning and simple massing they blend right in. Our judges noticed, with appreciation, “the real thought” given to the project. More

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barrio metalico, tucson, ariz. barrio metalico, tucson, ariz.

These nine homes were conceived as idiosyncratic, low-budget specials to jump-start a mixed-use neighborhood while the architects worked on an adjacent three-year conversion of an old icehouse into lofts. More

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