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B+W House, Minneapolis

An urban infill house makes the most of a tight site. More

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Weekend House on Lake Superior, Schroeder, Minn.

Julie Snow's weekend home on Lake Superior defers to its serene natural environment. More

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Weekend House on Lake Superior

Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Award More

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valli girl

Julie Snow Architects: This Serie Bernina handle from Valli&Valli is made from solid brass and comes in three finishes. More

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my mosa

Julie Snow Architects: Royal Mosa ceramic tiles come in a variety of ceramic surfaces. More

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try this at home

Julie Snow Architects: This paper-based surfacing, also also called Skatelite by architects, comes in 12 colors. More

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smart growth

The receptionist at a well-known architectural office in Chicago answers the phone with a friendly “Nagle Hartray.” But the proper name—Nagle Hartray Danker Kagan McKay Penney Architects—rolls off the tongue like that of a corporate law firm, offering a clue to its size and ambitions. The architects, who last year had billings of $4 million, specialize in selective types of multifamily housing. For the past decade, the office roster has held steady at 27 employees. But that's about to change. More

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