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The New Economy for Design and Tech Entrepreneurs

Additive manufacturing and software as a service are two of many technologies that will require changes in education, distribution, and infrastructure, say industry leaders at GE’s Garages Global Tour in Washington, D.C. More

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Beltway Astroturf Organization Sets Sights on Green Building

Rick Berman is the figure behind LEED Exposed, a shadowy astroturfing website that... More

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Dialogue: Walk at Your Own Risk

Missing from the discussion of the shooting of Trayvon Martin is a potentially... More

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Green Building Megatrends for 2012

Dubbed "the godfather of green," Jerry Yudelson discusses 10 trends bound for growth in the months ahead. More

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U.S. Navy Opts For Concrete Modular Housing on Bahamas Outpost

New structures are expected to save money on maintenance and energy. More

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