Phoenix's short-lived, temperate winters are so agreeable that they would make any frigid Northerner bitter. But for those who have the economic bandwidth to escape, they often migrate South for this time. Summers are a different case entirely, however. Whereas a winter in Massachusetts may seem inhumane, Arizona summers meet this seasonal extremity with temperatures averaging 95 to 106 degrees from May until September.

For Lightvox Studio's clients, who understandably got tiresome of enclosed spaces, the designers were able to create flexible amenities for the House on Marion to enjoy the outdoors all year long. The single-story residence, running from north to south, is nestled between a west-side entry way surrounded by indigenous flora, and a pool and terrace with with similar landscaping to the east for the drought-prone region. The latter portion is accessible by a sliding glass door, connecting the outside in the interior kitchen, living, and dining areas. 

To ensure shade from the steadfast sunbeams, the firm analyzed the solar angles hitting the lot. In the mornings, the entry court is shaded by the residence's volume; and in the afternoons, the pool and terrace gets a turn.

Bill Timmerman
Bill Timmerman

This story originally appeared on Custom Home.

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