With its multi-colored exterior and eclectic interior, this 1958 residence requires a lot of imagination from any prospective home buyer. Last sold in 1971, the 3,881-square-foot home ​may not have spectacular views of the Hollywood Hills, but the numerous nooks and crannies inside make up for it.

The open floor plan connects the kitchen, a large dining room, and the family room. A large deck and pool area branch off from this space. Upstairs, a loft-style living room is heated by a fireplace that is brightly painted. The three-bedroom, three bathroom home also features an indoor observation deck. The roof  features a custom-made  skylight, with eight segmented panels forming a glass-paneled octagon, flooding the main living space with ample natural light. 

The listing describes the home as perfect for someone looking for a new project, and invites interested buyers to "bring your imagination." The house is currently on the market for $1.585 million. 

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