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  • Artisan Furniture Makers

    Artisans around the country are creating beautiful, handmade furniture.

  • Small-Firm Marketing Ideas

    The New York Times runs a regular story/blog called "You're The Boss," with case studies of small businesses all over the country.

  • Stay in a Schindler House!

    If you could decide between staying in a generic hotel or an architecturally important house, I'm guessing that if you're reading this blog you'd choose the latter.

  • Architecture for Humanity's Art Auction

    The nonprofit Architecture for Humanity is auctioning off over 70 artworks by architects as a fundraising effort.

  • Family-Friendly Downtowns

    Urban designer Sarah Snider, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, is part of a new project that examines the relationship of cities to their residents.

  • Garden Dialogues in Your City

    The Cultural Landscape Foundation is hosting a series of Garden Dialogues, or small group garden tours, all over the country in June and July. Maybe there's one in your city or town.

  • Regional Design at AIA 2012

    The AIA 2012 session "Connect to the World and Community: Region-Based Design and Its Connection to Culture, Community, and Place" on Thursday, May 17, was packed.

  • Highlights From Georgetown House Tour

    On Saturday I took the Georgetown House Tour, an annual Washington, D.C., institution put on by St. John's Episcopal Church. Of particular interest to me were the three architects' own houses on the tour.

  • House & Home at Nat'l Building Museum

    Last night I attended a press preview for the National Building Museum's House & Home exhibition.

  • Open-Plan Backlash?

    In my experience, homeowners have over the past decade expressed a consistent desire to have the kitchen and living/dining or family rooms completely integrated. Are people now moving back toward wanting a clearer division of spaces?

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