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Låda Cube

We didn’t think walls mattered either… Until we discovered how much they perpetually consume in needless time, energy, and resources. What would you do with more time, energy, and resources?

Are your spaces built to making you a dinosaur or are they built to be flexible, mobile, built for the future?

Put simply, if you were going to create a wall today, you would build it to be infinitely flexible. To grow with your business, to be mobile, to work in a way that makes it cheaper and faster to deploy.

That's the system that you would build, that's the system we build.

Lada Cube founded in 2013, set out to prove that demountable walls could be awesome and function exactly like traditionally built walls.

Construction Advantages
Lada Cube Demountable Insulated Panels (DIPS) allows you the flexibility to reduce your build-out times on average by 2/3rds compared to traditional stick-built construction. Lada Cube walls uniquely create an envelope for high sound attenuation using proprietary acoustical sealing to create the quiet environment necessary for uninterrupted work, relaxation, and general living.

Cost savings using Lada Cube Walls are seen through reduced construction build-out costs, eliminating the need for expensive demolition, on-the-fly reconfiguration of spaces allowing for the quick build-out of spaces within hours, and Lada Cube’s unique design addresses the balance between the spaces you currently require and the spaces you will need in the future. Additionally Lada Cube offers the flexibility to relocate your walls giving you the advantages of maintaining your build-out as an asset versus a liability.

Lada Cube walls can be ordered in a variety of custom sizes as well as configurations to fit your needs. We offer fully self enclosed units, which offer walls, ceiling, and flooring as well as modified options that take advantage of your existing space’s ceiling and flooring. Our walls come pre-channeled for plug and play electrical/outlets as well as plug-n-play HVAC options. We also offer interior and exterior Lada Skins, which provide custom surface finishes that are uniquely customized to adhere to Lada Cube Walls and are fully demountable allowing for design updates/upgrades and relocation.

Our walls also qualify for 7-year tax depreciation under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System and are classified as “tangible property.” By comparison, conventional stick-built construction is depreciated over 39 years. Please consult with your accountant or local IRS office.

Decrease your consumption of your financial and physical resources while allowing for organic growth and sustainable planning of your spaces. Make the switch to Lada Cube Walls today.

Assembly – Lada Cube Reverse Flanged Mechanical Fasteners
Applications – Numerous
Required Tools – 5/16” Wrench
Panel Options – Standard
Insulation Rating – R-Value 26
Surface Material Options – GSS, FRP, FC, or OSB
Fire Rating – ASTM E84-04-Class A Rated
Health – Wall cores contain 0% styrenes, formaldehydes or VOC’s

Panel Options
Standard Flat Wall
90°Corner Panel
135° Transition Panel
Window Opening Panel
Door Opening Panel
Floor Panel
Ceiling Panel

Mechanical Systems
Wiring - UL®-Classified wiring system
Conduit Chase & Electrical Box – Vertical or Horizontal options

Weight – 4’Wx9’H = ~110lbs
Height – 6’ up to 24’
Width – 1’ to 4’
Depth – 4.5” [11.43cm]

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