November 2013 Table of Contents

Beyond Bricks and Mortar AIAPerspective Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Land use governs our present and future opportunities. Read more

The White Stuff AIAFuture The White Stuff

Can titanium dioxide save us all? Read more

Direct to Video AIAVoices Direct to Video

CRANtv and the client connection. Read more

Practice: Beyond the House practice Practice: Beyond the House

How do residential architects break into new building types? Read more

Wood House, Designed by Brininstool + Lynch Project Wood House, Designed by Brininstool + Lynch

When a client couldn't find an appropriate warehouse to renovate into a single-family home in Chicago, principal Brad Lynch created a modern home that references the neighborhood's industrial past. Read more

Workspace: Overland Partners | Architects workspace Workspace: Overland Partners | Architects

This firm's San Antonio office welcomes visitors with a generous courtyard behind its industrial façade. Read more

Other Articles
Architect's Choice: Donald Chong Architect’s Choice Architect's Choice: Donald Chong

Donald Chong's favorite products are informed by his love of Toronto. Read more

Welcome to the Dollhouse Welcome to the Dollhouse

Examples of architect-designed designed dollhouses created for a charity auction range from precious to fantastical. Read more

For Sale: A House of Stone for sale For Sale: A House of Stone

An Upper East Side townhouse renovated by Edward Durell Stone features a lattice stone façade—and the home could be yours for about $10 million. Read more

Stay-at-Home Showroom from Ikea apps Stay-at-Home Showroom from Ikea

A new mobile app from Ikea enables buyers to see how new furniture would look in their offices and residences. Read more

17th Century Collection, Tilevera Design Studio 17th Century Collection, Tilevera

These limestone tiles give historical delftware designs a contemporary upgrade. Read more

Americana Vanity, Native Trails weaetxdyvaydzcwq Design Studio Americana Vanity, Native Trails

This contemporary redux of a timeworn design aesthetic is made from reclaimed wood. Read more

Luxury Backrest, Victoria + Albert Design Studio Luxury Backrest, Victoria + Albert

This backrest makes straight-sided tubs more ergonomic. Read more

SmartClimate, Savant Systems Design Studio SmartClimate, Savant Systems

Facility managers in mid-sized multifamily buildings can control up to eight zones with this wired automation system. Read more

Under the Table: A Reissue from Herman Miller furniture Under the Table: A Reissue from Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s products team of Nicole Burns and Mark Schurman discusses the process of bringing Isamu Noguchi’s 1949 Rudder Coffee Table out of the company’s archive and into the marketplace. Read more

For Sale: Stanford White's Dupont Circle Mansion in Washington, D.C. For Sale For Sale: Stanford White's Dupont Circle Mansion in Washington, D.C.

Designed by Stanford White of McKim, Mead & White fame, this four-story white marble-and-brick mansion could be your new home—or embassy. Read more

Shale, Blu Dot Design Studio Shale, Blu Dot

This contemporary wood credenza is features a decorative facing. Read more

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